Responsible, by Nature!

Responsible, by Nature!

Pepaa - Sustainable Stationery and Packaging Solutions

Pepaa (formerly called Plantcil) is a full-stack sustainable solutions provider for brands and zero waste lifestylers in the field of paper based stationery and packaging.
We enable a circular economy alongside hundreds of rural women and over 800 organic farmers by creating sustainable products from post-consumer waste – right from recycled paper seed pencils and pens to plantable seed paper based products – notebooks, coasters, cloth tags, invitation cards, and even packaging for diapers and diamonds. 

Pepaa makes Stationery and Packaging

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Why Pepaa?

At Pepaa (formerly called Plantcil), we partner with the world’s biggest brands and responsible individuals to collect paper based waste and convert them into sustainable stationery and packaging – thereby enabling us to divert thousands of pounds of post-consumer waste from landfills and incinerators each month.

In addition, Pepaa’s stationery can be planted and grown into trees, flowers and vegetables! Each of our offerings are embedded with 100% organic seeds, sourced from our very own Indian Superheroes’ farmer network.

Our claims to fame include making India’s first plantable seed paper newspaper, making plantable Rakhis for Rakhsha Bandhan, plantable flags for Republic and Independence Day, plantable wedding cards for the D-Day, plantable seed paper calendars for New Year, and even pens, pencils, notebooks, wristbands and gift boxes from the dung of cows, rhinos and elephants. And hey, we even made stationery from shredded currency notes!

Responsible, by Nature!

Pepaa's products and processes are EN71-3 (European Standard of Safety) CE certified and SEDEX (Ethical Company) approved - Zero Wood and Zero Chemicals are Used.

In-House Proprietary Tech

Pepaa designs and manufactures all products - ranging from recycled paper pencils and pens to even printing on handmade, plantable seed paper

Full Stack Solution Provider

Pepaa's sustainable solutions range from Paper Waste Management in Offices to even hosting Zero-Waste, Sustainable Events for brands worldwide

Sustainability Partner for the World's Largest Brands

Pepaa works with over 250 top brands from across the world, enabling them to transition to sustainable stationery and packaging. With our proprietary technology, we offer full-stack sustainability solutions for brands, right from ideation to execution – be it paper waste management, lead generation, community outreach or even hosting zero-waste events.

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The Store of Sustainable Stationery

Pepaa’s sustainable stationery and packaging is made from responsible paper- (i) 100% recycled paper made from used paper, newspapers and other paper based waste, and (ii) 100% handmade paper made from cotton, textile and other post-consumer waste. 

About the Founders of Pepaa

Divya Shetty and Vishnu Vardhaan’s journey of Pepaa began in late 2015 with the parent company Indian Superheroes, a social enterprise working with over 843 organic farmers from across south India. While decoding the water scarcity issues that the farmers faced, they stumbled upon shocking deforestation and rampant landfill issues associated with wooden pencils and paper stationery, leading them to start Plantcil – later crossing over to Pepaa.  

Divya Shetty and Vishnu Vardhaan - Founders of Pepaa | Plantcil | Indian Superheroes | Ecofriendly Sustainable Plantable Seed Paper Pencils, Pens

Divya Shetty & Vishnu Vardhaan

  • Speakers at TedX, INK and Josh Talks (Walking the Talk, Always!)
  • Best Environmentalist Award by the Enterpreneurs Council of India
  • Young Leaders Creating a Better World For All by Women Economic Forum (WEF)
  • Mahatma Gandhi Award for Changemakers by Shanti Ashram and Rotary

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